Who We Are

With 75+ years of combined experience in post industrial, post consumer, post commercial and petrochemical companies, we have developed a strong track record as an agile and trustworthy partner capable of supporting any venture your company is exploring.

As a company, we believe in fostering a commitment to social responsibility, and working with nonprofit organizations that support the mentally and physically challenged, sharing our resources with the communities we serve. Because we know that these resources are the pillars of our success, and we know that as people’s lives are enriched, the lives of those around them get better.

As part of this overarching philosophy, we believe working to protect future generations by finding solutions for landfilled products and promoting the global recycling goals of Repurpose, Revalue, Reimagine.

Key features & certifications

  • Solution Provider
  • Value Add
  • Service Provider
  • Recycling
  • Reprocessing
  • Closed Loop Assessments
  • Landfill Free Zone
  • Product Destruction Certification
  • Minority Owned Certification
  • Women Owned Certification
  • Small Business Certification
  • Hazmat Certification